Strawberry Planter Trio 3 Pot Tri-Pot Stacking Pot Eco



Our range of high quality craftsmanship gardening planters and accessories is a must for the green fingered gardening enthusiast.
This plastic trio plant pot boasts an interconnecting design that allows these pots to be stacked.
They are ideal for gardens or situations where space may be an issue. These planters are perfect for strawberries, herbs and bedding plants.
You can stack together as many or as few layers as you desire. The plastic planter design is stable and robust enough for numerous levels. Just ensure that the ground level surface is flat and level.
These plants are sold in sets of 6 pots and are available in a choice of colours. Approx Dimensions are – 36cm x 36cm x 12.5cm / 14" x 14" x 5"

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